Cyber Security Training Videos

Keep your data secure by learning some basic techniques

Course Introduction

In this section, we discuss how the course works and what you need to do to complete the course and gain your qualification certificate. The course is divided into sections and you complete these in order and then there is a summary video before you take your test. Once passed you can download your completion certificate, Evidenced-based Learning statement and Certified CPD statement.

Keeping Data Secure

In this section, we look at different threats and actions you can take to keep yourself safe while online. Personal data loss can cost you a lot of money and stress as someone takes your identity, takes over your social media and they could even access your bank account or buy items using your credit card.

Keeping Safe Online

In this section, we look at different ways you can keep safe while online and ways that your data security can be threatened. It is important to use the internet safely with hard to break passwords. There are many different ways someone can access your data and hack your accounts.

Course Summary

In the summary section, we tell you how to take your test and access your certificate if you pass the test. You can review any video before you take your test if you want to refresh your knowledge. You can take the test as many times as you need to and we use an adaptive testing system so no two people get the same test in the same order. You must pass every section but if you are close to passing a section, our system will ask a few more to give you a chance of passing.

If you need any other training whether video online, blended, classroom or virtual please contact us and we will be happy to help you wherever you are and we can attend your workplace.

Course Summary

Course Summary


Course Details

Video Playtime

1 hour and 31 minutes




Keith Sleightholm



Cyber Security at a Glance

  • Learn the basics of data security
  • Avoid data loss
  • Reduce the costs of a data loss
  • Keep your memories safe on your computer
  • Learn best practice to keep safe

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